Call Tracking: What Every Business Owner Needs to Know

Call tracking is a powerful tool for marketers and business owners alike. If you want to get the most out of understanding how your marketing is doing, investing in call tracking is a must. You will be able to:

  • Track how each marketing source is performing holistically.
  • Show accountability internally and externally for every lead.
  • Make informed decisions to grow your business

Come learn how this amazing feature can help “grease the wheels” of the entire marketing to the sales process and grow your business!

At the end of this blog you should be able to

  1. Understand how call tracking works
  2. Understand how to care about every lead
  3. Understand how it can help grow a business
  4. Understand the powerful results it can bring

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What Is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is exactly what it sounds like, tracking calls! But what are you tracking exactly? There are a few areas specifically that good call tracking can do.

First, it can track total calls by what marketing source they are coming from, including Google Ads, Facebook, print campaigns, and more. Second, it can track how a lead progresses through a sales funnel by following the multiple touchpoints in a customer journey. Finally, it can track how well your front desk staff or marketing is doing by introducing accountability through recorded calls.

We’ll touch on these a little more later on, but first, you should understand how it works.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Let’s say you are trying to understand how a customer reached your business via a call, but you have multiple forms of advertising running. For this example, we’ll assume those are billboards, flyers, Google search, and Google ads.

If you have call tracking, you will purchase a “fake” or vanity number that isn’t your actual business number. In call tracking terms this is known as an anchor number. When you purchase those phone numbers, they need to connect to your anchor number and essentially forward the call to that phone number.

In theory, you can have an infinite number of call tracking numbers that all forward to the same phone number, but for this case, we’ll stick with the four forms of advertising you are running.

Since you have four forms of advertising, you would buy four unique call tracking numbers to place on each form of advertising.

  • Billboard: 877-555-1231 -> YOUR PHONE NUMBER
  • Google Search: 877-555-1232 -> YOUR PHONE NUMBER
  • Flyer: 877-555-1233 -> YOUR PHONE NUMBER
  • Google Ads: 877-555-1234 -> YOUR PHONE NUMBER

Then, let’s say someone sees your flyer and then calls the number on it. When someone calls that tracking number, the call tracking system then begins to record data on a dashboard as the only place that call could have come from is that flyer. Your anchor number will then ring and you can take a call as normal but with the added benefit of knowing where that call came from. Depending on your call tracking provider you can get additional invaluable business insights from that call.


Those insights can include things like contact information, source of the call, audio from the call, what agent took the call, and more. The call tracking system we use also includes the ability to automatically or manually rate calls, spot keywords, track conversions, and through dynamic number insertion (DNI), even know what page a customer was on when they made a call.


These insights will help you have an even clearer picture of what your best marketing sources are, who your top reps are, and how long it may take someone to actually become a paying customer.

So, Why Aren’t You Doing It?

Given the valuable information that is contained in call tracking, we still run into a lot of companies that don’t feel like it should be a part of their marketing and business plan. Some common reasons we hear are:

  • “It’s too complicated”
  • “I don’t have time”
  • “Phone calls aren’t profitable for me/Phone calls don’t make sense for my business”
  • “I don’t know how to work calls into my CRM system/sales workflow”
  • “It’s not worth the cost”

Generally speaking, we hear these roadblocks from individuals who just don’t understand call tracking yet. Every lead you get is invaluable whether it is over the phone, through a form on the site, a word of mouth referral, an email, or wherever else. Call tracking lets you care about every lead that comes your way and make smarter decisions to get more business for your company.

How Do I Care About Every Lead?

Some businesses only care about leads that end up in their CRM. Our call tracking has many native integrations to CRM’s to help your lead tracking, or it can act as a CRM on its own! Plus, it can help nail down source attribution for your form fills as an added bonus!

Especially today when people are even more reluctant to hop on a call, it’s crucial to know where those people are coming from. Converting conversations are had over the phone every day in your business. People do business with those that they trust and they often need or want to have a connection with a real human being associated with your business.

If there is any way that someone can do business with you over the phone, it is vital that you know how they got to you, and call tracking provides that.

How Do You Use Call Tracking?

The basics are pretty simple.

  1. Find a call tracking provider
  2. Set up a phone line on every marketing source you want to track
  3. Reap results

If you want to take it to the next level, you want to set up a DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion) to dynamically change a phone number on your website on a per-source basis. You can also add automation, keyword spotting to help you get more data, efficiency, and better source attribution.

Then, once you’ve done that, use that data to guide your business decisions. You can now handle questions like:

  • What sources are bringing in conversions?
  • How are sales phone calls being handled?
  • How does marketing impact your bottom line?
  • How do I maximize marketing efforts?

How Much Is It Really?

Packages at Oozle start at $122/mo, which is a small cost to start tracking your advertising channels, helping those who are on the phones succeed, and understanding your business from a holistic view.

We can also help you set up automation within the system to cut down on potential hours of listening to calls. Automation can also be set up to maximize your post-lead efficiency, making you more profitable!

Custom reporting helps you make informed decisions about marketing and sales training. Plus, it really helps your business grow.

Most call tracking systems also allow you to track outbound calls in addition to inbound calls. This is important to monitor for any business that uses a proactive calling approach to their leads for follow-up.

Ready to get started? Talk with an Oozle representative today and we’ll get you tracking your calls and growing your business in no time! Do you want to expand your understanding of marketing? Check out our webinar that goes over the basic terminologies of marketing

Patrik Connole Feb 25 2021
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