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4 Tips to Breathe New Life into your Business’s Social Media Campaign

Utah Social Media is like that blue chick in X-Men; it’s always shifting and changing.  To survive this you need to constantly innovate. Here are a few ways to shake things up for your company and stay fresh.

Tease: Your high school crush did it.  J.J. Abrams did it to you with Lost, and now it’s your turn. Everybody loves a tease or a sneak peek. We all want to feel like we’re on the inside of something special.  Offering a glimpse of upcoming products, services, and features through your social media outlet is going to help blow up your demand. Just don’t disappoint like Jenny, I mean…. the “hypothetical high school crush” or J.J. with the Lost finale.

Get a niche: If you’re going to go viral, make sure it’s under your control. You don’t want to be known as the “Meatball Fail” company when the CEO pops up on Youtube getting the Heimlich maneuver at the company party after inhaling 3 meatballs at once. A way to do this is show your product in a nontraditional way. The guys at Blendtec blenders put up videos of Rubik’s cubes, iPhones and other electronics getting annihilated in their blenders. It increased sales by 700%.

E-Deals: Now this may leave your grandma without a purpose in life, but offering exclusive deals and promotions through your social media services can be done more often than the printed alternative and creates great interactive campaigns.  If your company isn’t on this already, get on it. Tweeting for deals is the new cutting out coupons. Break the news to grams slowly; she’s fragile.

Creep a little: Googling your name isn’t a bad thing if it’s for business purposes right? Of course not! There are a few different tracker services you can use to see what people are saying about your business across Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and other services. Use this and the information obtained to see where customers are saying you can improve and what you’re doing well.  There’s still no business justification for you flexing in the mirror though; put the shirt back on.

by Kody Probst

Oozle Media Jul 13 2011
Categories: Social Media

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