7 Tips for Making Your Newsletter Design Mobile-Friendly


As in most areas of online marketing, it’s becoming more and more important to cater to mobile users when it comes to email. Why?

Well, take a look at what eConsultancy has found the statistics say it all:

1. Use a hosted version, but only if you have to. Some email newsletters include a link in the header to a mobile-friendly version of an email. But it’s better to make your email as pretty as possible for all users, mobile or not.

2. Make clickable areas large. Apple tells us that clickable areas should be at least 44 square pixels. That’s a lot of real estate! But don’t worry: not every one of your buttons or links has to be 44 pixels wide, though clickable areas should be 44 pixels apart, so the user doesn’t accidentally click on a nearby link and end up in the wrong place.

3. Pare down your content length as much as possible and be careful with images. Images are much more reader-friendly than verbose content, but they also bring a lot of file size overhead. Because mobile devices have slower download speeds than PCs, you want to keep your email to 20K or less.

4. Font sizes. Body content should be at least 14 pixels, and headers should be at least 30 pixels. Why? Many mobile clients will automatically resize any miniscule font to 12 pixels, which could make your design fall apart.

5. Keep links and buttons out of the lower right hand corner of the email. It can be tricky to get a thumb in there.

6. Limit your email’s width to 600 pixels.

7. Make your landing pages mobile-friendly. Your mobile users must remain happy with your design after clicking on one of your links. Most of the above apply, except that on a hosted page you have much more control over the appearance of your content. Make it narrow, minimize text, and make the most efficient possible use of images.

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Oozle Media May 22 2012
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