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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing That Drives Business, Not Just Likes

Social Media is an undeniable force, and it can be a great addition to your digital marketing strategy if it’s done right. At Oozle Media we focus on social media tactics that are going to develop long term value in your brand while at the same time helping you drive qualified leads that turn into business.

Social Media Marketing is More Than Just Facebook

While we thrive on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, at Oozle Media we believe in a broader definition of social media than most agencies. We define social media as any platform where people interact online. This means that our strategies take into account videos, reviews, emails, blogs, websites, quizzes, Q&A’s, Forums, interactive tools and any other mediums that give your customers a voice. The conversation about your business is already happening online and we believe that you should be actively participating.


As your customers gets more and more of their information through social media, and search engines deliver more sophisticated and real time results, the worlds of social media marketing and SEO are quickly converging. We at Oozle believe that if you’re not developing social strategies that help your SEO efforts, you’re missing out on one of the great benefits that can come from social media. With over 8 years of experience doing SEO for businesses, our social media marketing strategies are built to help develop a strong brand that search engines respect and rank. In fact, we call our marketing services SocialSEO, because we believe the only difference between a great SEO strategy and a great social media strategy is what you call it.

Social Media Advertising

Social media for businesses is becoming increasingly a pay for play game. If your target customer is on social media, it usually makes sense to be spending at least some of your marketing dollars on targeted social ads. Knowing how to spend that money is crucial to getting an ROI from your social media marketing. At Oozle Media, we work with you to develop social media ad campaigns that dovetail with your organic efforts. This approach of using highly targeted ads and promotions can drive a lower cost per new customer than Search or Display.

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