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When United Yellow Pages went out of business the week of September 10th, every call tracking number attached to a yellow pages ad was instantly deactivated without warning.  This left thousands of business owners unable to receive calls from current and new customers using their yellow page ad number.


If you’ve placed an ad in the United Yellow Pages then it’s vital that you reactivate your call tracking # immediately. Here’s why:

  • Current & new customers can no longer reach you through the number on your ad.
  • You will lose out on valuable leads & possibly even current customers who may assume you’ve gone out of business when they can’t reach you.
  • The $$$ you spent on your ads will be wasted whether you paid for your advertising in full or each month.

The good news is that you no longer have to pay for your United Yellow Page ads, and you can now sign up with an even better call tracking package that will allow you to listen to your phone calls, continue service without any contracts, and keep your old number for good.


Historically, United Yellow Pages had provided call tracking free of charge.  Now, 4,000 call tracking numbers are no longer working and the majority of those affected still have no idea.

When it becomes clear that this service is lost, business owners are most likely to have many concerns and complaints:  who is responsible for this? Why wasn’t I notified? How can I get my call tracking # back immediately? And, how much is this service going to cost?

The Perfect Call Tracking Package

Understanding how important call tracking can be for any business, Oozle Media took over the numbers soon after word had spread that they’d been deactivated.  Within days, Oozle’s CEO team, Scott Linford and Travis Ashby, had formulated a proposal that would not only allow business owners to reactivate their old tracking numbers within 5 minutes or less, but go above and beyond what was initially offered by the previous United Yellow Pages service.

With Oozle Media’s call tracking package companies can record and transcribe any and all conversations, analyze staff performance, and make sure that customer service is top of the line quality.

Since Oozle Media currently provides call tracking services for many of their clients, it made perfect sense for them to take over these numbers and want to help individuals get them reactivated immediately. Oozle Media is now the only company that can reactivate these numbers and redirect them to your business.

Why Call Tracking is a critical component of your business & marketing strategy

Any fee for this service may seem like a lot considering that United Yellow Pages once provided it for free.  However, there are many benefits to keeping this number activated for just a small monthly fee of $25 per line.  First, call tracking CAN SAVE thousands of dollars on wasted advertising by answering these important questions:

  • Are my marketing dollars allocated to the most effective media?
  • Is my company properly handling incoming leads?
  • How is my company capitalizing on the data that is being collected?

By tracking your phone calls, Oozle Media is able to outline progress, evaluate customer service, rate the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, and help maintain the growth of your business.
Oozle’s CEO Team members, Travis and Scott, have extended an open initiation to visit with anyone affected by the United Yellow Pages deactivation in person or through an online meeting.  You can reach them at 1-866-681-8690 to re-activate your line or set up an appointment!

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