Phone Call Tracking – Can Small to Medium Sized Businesses Afford It?

Local small to medium sized businesses can’t afford not to do it! In a tough economy, paying a little extra for call tracking is a must to save money and make more of it.

How Does Phone Call Tracking Help Businesses Save and Make More Money?

A rule of thumb for marketing is: if you can’t measure it, don’t do it. Call tracking allows business owners to calculate a return-on-investment (ROI) for EVERY form of advertising they are paying for – even the internet! This is done by ordering toll-free or local unique tracking phone numbers and placing them in any traditional print advertising and by placing a dynamically changing number on their website. Every time any ad or form of internet marketing delivers a phone call, the call is recorded, traced back and can be seen in real-time detailed reports showing call volume. This allows business owners to know exactly how much money was delivered by each ad and form of internet marketing specifically. With this information, a true ROI can be captured. After ROIs are calculated, smart business owners then allocate marketing dollars into the best forms of advertising.

Aside from allocating money to what is actually driving relevant leads and canceling poor performing advertising, business owners need to do everything they can to close each lead that was paid for. This is called call-back-closing (CBC). If money has been spent to make the phone ring, then why not do everything to close that call? With call tracking/recording, business owners can call price shoppers back to see how their experience has been and then get another shot to close. Most callers will not object to having you call them back if you ask during the initial call, in fact, they will most likely appreciate the call back, because it shows these customers that businesses actually care about finding them what they need. In most cases, close ratios go up dramatically when customers are called back.

There are so many other benefits phone call tracking provides and this article lists only two of them, which are:

  • calculating a true ROI
  • CBC

Phone call tracking is not just a great tool for businesses, it’s a necessary and yet affordable tool to survive unprofitable advertising, find great advertising and save leads. Call tracking takes the guessing out of marketing. Are you tracking your advertising?


Oozle Media Dec 29 2009
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