Turning your happy customers
into your marketing team

“Good companies talk about themselves, but great companies get their customers to tell the story for them” -Chris Linford, CEO. Whether it’s testimonials on your site, reviews on a third party site or social proofs via branded social media campaigns, great companies are surrounded by good buzz. Those searching for your products and services are more and more often searching for what other say about you rather than what you are saying about yourself.

Our Advocate Generating Services

Over the years working with businesses, we have found that the most qualified leads for your business are the friends and families of your happy customers. We strive to help our clients create processes that develop leads by encouraging their current customers to introduce their friends, family or other businesses that need your services via referrals.

  • Influencer Marketing
    • Blogger Outreach
    • Social Influencer Promotions
    • Affiliate Marketing
  • Reviews Training
    • Customer Generated Content on Social Media
    • Referral Programs & Tracking Tools
    • Email & Text Marketing

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