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Digital Marketing

How To Help Beauty School Students Achieve Future Success Through Instagram

Jamie Dana

Since 2016, Jamie Dana has taught tens of thousands of hairstylists how to use Instagram to grow and scale their businesses. Through her online programs, Instagram, YouTube channel, and speaking engagements all over the world, Jamie loves helping stylists see their full potential not only as a hairstylist, but also as a business owner. Her goal is to help stylists build a business that supports a life they absolutely love without feeling burnt out or overwhelmed.

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TikTok Translated: What You Need to Know for Your School

Stephanie Carter

We're here to answer important questions regarding schools and TikTok! What opportunity do schools have? Can you only be successful if you know how to dance? What should schools be teaching students when it comes to TikTok? Learn all this and more in the Beauty As A Business session!

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Is Your Website an Asset or a Liability?

Parker Dickens

You've heard the saying, "all roads lead to Rome." Well, all marketing sources lead back to your website. With that in mind, is your website working for you, or is it costing your business opportunities? Join Parker's session to find out how to tell if your website is costing or making your business money. And as a bonus, find out how last year's Beauty School Summit website giveaway winner benefitted from their new Oozle-made website!

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How To Boost Your Local SEO by 60%

Patrik Connole

Join Oozle's own, Patrik Connole as he takes you through Google's local pack, the top 10 ranking factors (and how they've changed), and the importance your reputation on Google is to the success of local businesses. And if it is all too much to keep track of, Patrik will be sure to show you how you can get someone else to tackle it all for you! From optimization, to results, don't miss the opportunity to boost your local SEO by 60%!

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3 Keys to Long-Term Google Ads Success (with data!)

David Steiner

Oozle’s extraordinarily long term relationships with their clients has provided a unique insight into years-long trends across the beauty school industry. In this presentation we’ll explore and learn from the trends we’ve seen from our clients over the years. We’ll learn from others’ success so we can all Grow Together.

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Get Your Social Ads Tik-ing

Chelsea Owens

In a world built on creativity and entertainment, learn how you can build a multi-platform social ad marketing strategy. We will take a brief look at each level of the social ads funnel then magnifying the role of today's most popular social platform: TikTok. Everyone knows the front of TikTok, yet few know anything about the backside, paid advertising to be taken advantage of on this platform. Let's get your paid TikTok ads TIK-ING with your killer marketing strategies!

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Student-Generated TikTok Content For Schools

Lucy Seitz

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For Admissions/Instructors

Flourish with Digital – Cultivating a Digital-First Growth Mindset 

Jessica George

The events of 2020 forced everyone to reimagine and redesign the classroom, and the beauty education industry was no exception. The good news? Everyone discovered that hybrid learning and distance education can work successfully for our industry. It’s time now to grow your own digital-first mindset with Jessica George, Senior Implementation and Training Specialist at Milady.

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Four Personality Types; Which One Are You??

Rob Thatcher

We all do things for different reasons or at least we think we do. But in the end our motivations are fairly predictable. In this class we use the book The Color Code to discuss what personality type you are but more importantly what personality type your lead is. Hint: they're blue, just trust me.... they're blue. By better understanding them we better understand ourselves. This class will be a light hearted conversation about why we do what we do and often, why we don't do what we should be doing (that's a lot of do's).

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Exposing Your School’s Culture in Admissions

Daniel Dunworth

Are you looking for ways to increase enrollments and conversion rates? Admissions is the first impression prospective students get of your school. Everyone knows students shop multiple schools before making a decision, so give your school an edge over competitors by showcasing what makes your school unique. Learn ways to engage prospective students and overcome objections with pre-built tools that can be customized for you. Growth starts in admissions.

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MONEY by Qnity

Erin Kuhn

According to Qnity Surveys, over 60% of beauty and wellness professionals have MONEY or MATH anxiety. In this session, you'll learn why financial literacy matters, Qnity's 8 Pillars of financial literacy and actionable tips to start the conversation within your school.

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Beauty School Financial Planning: Taking the CFO Hat Off

Jared Sanders

During the presentation we will discuss the different tasks associated with accounting department, controllers, and CFO's. We will discuss the skills knowledge and expertise required to effectively adapt navigate the issues facing schools such as inflation and changing hour requirements. Lastly, we will cover forward thinking issues CFO's should be considering.

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Free Money - Why You Are Losing Out on Money and Don’t Even Know It

Phil Twede

Learn about the misconceptions of the employee retention tax credit (ERC) and how your company is likely able to take advantage of it even if you have been told otherwise.

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