Discounted or Wholesale Google Clicks – True or False?

Business owners are approached daily by advertisers trying to sell them pay per click (PPC) services, and these salespeople will say anything to get the sale – even blatant lies! Another rude thing about some of these callers is that they found some of these business owners by clicking on their sponsored ad; therefore, costing business owners money. Frustrating right?

Most business owners are now skeptical of these types of sales calls and that is why the calls are getting shadier. The following is one of the most blatant lies used to get a PPC contract signed:

“We can get you discounted clicks.”

It is a fact that no one company is able to offer discounted or wholesale clicks. Let it be repeated, no company can offer discounted clicks, because Google does not, and will not discount clicks for anyone! If you would like to know for yourselves, contact Google directly; they will tell you that nobody has this privilege. Check this link out from a forum discussing the same issue of discounted or wholesale clicks.

It is pretty obvious why advertisers and search engine marketing (SEM) companies are saying this – to get the sell. Salespeople know they will get paid if a contract is signed, and that is all they care about. Once money has been made by these advertisers, they move on to find their next victim.

When business owners are lured into a contract thinking they will beat their competition because of discounted clicks, they are stuck and usually have a bad experience. This bad experience gives these business owners a bad taste in their mouth about internet marketing, so when an honest SEM company approaches them, no relationship is made and no money is captured from the internet by both parties.

There are good, honest SEM companies out there who care about long-term relationships and will not offer discounted clicks, but will offer relevant clicks, and the option to calculate a true return on investment (ROI) from a PPC campaign. Most SEM companies know that PPC provides some of the best return apart from all other forms of advertising. If you or someone you know would like to give the internet a second try, or test it out for the first time, contact Oozle Media.  Oozle Media specializes in SEM, search engine optimization, call tracking/recording, web development and will never offer discounted clicks, because they do not exist!

Oozle Media Nov 19 2009
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