Content Tips for Businesses

Content is everywhere. Online we use written, visual, and audio content to gain information, have a laugh, take a break, or virtually anything else. Because of the high volume of content available on the internet,  ensure the content your business produces sticks out from the crowd, drawing potential customers.

Get to the Point

Web content is unique from print in how readers experience it. Most people prefer to skim content on the web rather than deeply read any one blog or article. Because there are literally thousands if not millions of resources available from just one search, your initial content must be eye catching, short, and to the point. Readers will quickly move on from your website if the content isn’t appealing to them.

Make it Simple

Using complex puns or trying to complicate your writing will only turn people away from your site. In addition to sticking with the point, your content should be simple for people to understand. If your page is too confusing readers will simply find a new source to get their information.

Check for Errors

When typing it can be easy to misspell a word accidently and move on. If your website is full of spelling errors, your clients and potential clients will see this as a sign of unprofessionalism and may choose to take their business elsewhere. Every part of your website should be checked for grammatical errors from the homepage to the blog. It is a good practice to step away from the content after finishing the first draft, coming back a few hours later to review with fresh eyes.

Write for Your Audience

While it is important to employ various SEO techniques in your website content to make yourself relevant in the search engines, you should first be writing for the human audience. Good content that people will be reading and sharing is top priority. Avoid using fluff in your writing, instead including only what is relevant to your topic. By writing for your audience you can add a personal touch your readers can easily identify.


The content you write is important and should be accurate, but most people don’t sit down and read a whole web page. The majority of people will quickly scan the words on the page, looking to pull out key points. Make content easier to quickly read by:

  • Creating bullet point lists (like this one!)
  • Write short paragraphs that hit home one specific point
  • Use subheadings throughout to outline what will come up next
  • Keep your sentences short and meaningful

Not Just the Words

Content is about more than just the words on the page, it’s about the whole viewer experience. Make sure to include images alongside your text. This will help keep your readers interested, supplementing what they are reading with relevant pictures. Because most people only skim the pages they come across, your pictures may do more to grab the attention of visitors than the text.

Producing content your audience cares about is crucial. De-clutter your site, leaving what is useful to those visiting. Great content is the first and most important step for your website.

Cassie Costner Dec 01 2014
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