5 Surgical Tips for Your Web Redesign

Utah Web Development Ugly Duckling

So let’s be honest, your business’s site isn’t exactly the prom queen. In fact, she’s probably sitting in her closet sobbing and blasting Dashboard Confessional while the attractive kids dance the night away at the prom. Good thing Utah web development isn’t nearly as expensive as all that needed plastic surgery would be.  Here are a few things to keep in mind while going under that web knife.


  • Eye on the Prize: The whole reason for a site overhaul is to generate some traffic and create business. It’s not because your CEO is tired of fuchsia and wants to dabble with a plum color scheme for awhile instead. Stay focused on the purpose of the site.
  • Careful Where You’re Cutting: Inventory your assets so you don’t end up negatively impacting your site by removing links that are driving the most traffic. If your nose is the only thing you’re getting complimented on, maybe skip the nose job.
  • Function over Form: Your look is finally coming together! Unfortunately you still have to show there’s life behind those eyes. Personality matters. You need a strategy like blogging to continually create and build relevant content for your site.
  • Landing Pages: You’ve been walked on for far too long. It’s your turn to direct people and show them you know what you’re doing, Miss Independent. Landing pages are going to put the most relevant and beneficial content front and center for your traffic.  Give visitors the opportunity to give contact information in exchange for more content.
  • Pay Attention When You Turn Some Heads: Our goal here was to increase visitors and leads, right? Of course it was. You need to use website analytics to track and measure your traffic. Make sure the world is noticing what a beautiful little swan your ugly duckling site has become.

by Kody Probst

Oozle Media Jul 12 2011

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