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Our Marketing Experts

Chris Linford


Chris Linford, a name only spoken of in hushed, reverent tones, is the devilishly handsome, overly talented, and not to mention the very humble CEO of Oozle Media. It's been said that when a beauty school hires Oozle to help them with their website, social media, SEO and paid ads, they've just killed two stones with one bird. Schools who work with Oozle Media have had levels of satisfaction (at times) that can only be compared to the feelings one would have after hearing the announcement of the abolishment of Gainful Employment, and Borrowers Defense when working with Oozle Media.

Stephanie Carter


After spending six years in the television news industry, Stephanie moved into PR and Digital Marketing for education. She’s spent the past decade studying how students choose schools, watching learning paths evolve with the rise of LMS platforms, and helping schools grow. Stephanie has personally worked on the marketing campaigns for more than 100 beauty schools nationwide and is excited to share the stories of what worked, what didn’t and the awesome twists and turns of that beast we call marketing!

Parker Dickens

Director of Accounts

Parker Dickens is a name only to be used with hushed and reverent tones, especially when it comes to online marketing. This advertising expert is known by many beauty school owners and directors as one who hits 11 out of 10 client expectations. Parker slays industry averages such as year-over-year growth, cost per lead, and cost per enrollment. As Oozle Media’s Director of Accounts, he has worked with countless beauty schools to help them get the most out of their marketing dollars.

Patrik Connole

Director of Organic Marketing

When people speak Oozle Media's Organic Marketing Director's name, Patrik Connole, you get the feeling as if you just tossed the perfect disc in a game of high-intensity ultimate frisbee. Patrik's SEO strategies for Oozle's clients can be likened to increasing rankings when a frisbee is tossed for a game-winning endzone diving catch that made it past multiple defenders. Patrik has helped hundreds of clients in the dental, home service, charter school, and beauty school industries outrank their competition through technical SEO, content strategies, and online reputation management.

Cole Ashby

Director of Business Development

Although Cole is from Utah, was married at a young age, and has two children - he does enjoy a good ale (unlike most Utahns). Speaking with Cole on the phone, or in-person about how to get more leads from the internet, if you're a beauty school, is like the feeling you may get by figuratively punching school regulations in the face. Side note about Cole and violence, he prefers to hug things out in college campus safe spaces. His uncanny knowledge of SEO, pay-per-click, social media, and websites is as slick as his hair, but unlike a used car salesman's slickness, he's all about educating as much as possible, and helping schools solve marketing problems!

5 Star Rating

Thanks to the work of Oozle Media, leads increased by 30% and the site obtained more engagements. End users praised the website for its simple look and feel. The team provided technical expertise and understanding of the client’s business, which allowed them to deliver the project as expected.

Pivot Point Academy

5 Star Rating

Oozle Media features a large and talented team that succeeds in identifying practical strategies to foster SEO and PPC growth. They are communicative and organized, making for a smooth working relationship.

Progressive Reporting

5 Star Rating

Oozle Media implements effective digital marketing strategies that have significantly improved the website's online performance and conversion rates. In addition to their ability to offer full-service marketing solutions, they're also proactive, responsive, and receptive to client feedback.

Admissions Director
AIMC Berkeley

5 Star Rating

Oozle Media’s efforts reduced overall advertising costs while doubling the number of calls received. Diligent project managers, they're always accessible to review progress and strategy. The team’s commitment to results supports continued collaboration.

Operations Manager
Shamrock Plumbing

5 Star Rating

Their team fully understood the needs of the project and delivered a more tailored site that has significantly improved business. The amount and quality of business reviews have improved, online visibility has increased, and customer traffic has been steadily elevated for the past four years.

General Manager
Kochevar Endodontics

5 Star Rating

Oozle Media’s blogs and advertisements are now widely recognized as catalysts for prospective students to seek more information about enrolling. The team is receptive to feedback and takes a collaborative and well-founded approach to content creation and marketing methods.

Vice President
Jean Madeline Aveda Institute