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Have you ever wondered how your social media, website, or local SEO efforts stack up in the digital marketing world? We are now offering free social media, website, and local SEO audits to new customers. In these audits, the Oozle marketing team will take a look at your online presence as a whole, make suggestions for improvements where possible, and help you plan for the future.

And these aren’t your typical audits done by a free tool. These audits are done by the Oozle team members, who will personally go in and evaluate your business on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Here’s what each audit includes:

Social Media Audit

Along with your website, social media is your 24/7 salesperson. Gone are the days when social media was an option for businesses. If you want to attract new customers, you need a good social media presence. Our social media audit determines where your social platforms are currently at and how they could be improved in the future.

What’s Included?

  • Facebook Analysis
  • Instagram Analysis
  • Google My Business Analysis
  • Pinterest Analysis

Local SEO Audit

Whether we like it or not, business owners have to play nicely with Google if they want to be seen by potential customers. Our local audit can find out how Google is seeing your business. It can also help us determine what factors are potentially preventing you from ranking in your local market.

What’s Included?

  • Website NAP (Name, Address Phone Number) Analysis
  • Schema Markup Check
  • Google/GMB Analysis
  • Facebook NAP Analysis
  • Yelp NAP Analysis
  • NAP Analysis of Other Local Listings

Site Audit

You already know that a well-designed, user-friendly website is absolutely essential to your business. Do all the pages work? Are there any broken links? Is the site too slow? In this audit, we are focused primarily on the technical aspects of your website to make sure everything looks great and functions properly.

What’s Included?

  • Site Structure Check
  • Desktop and Mobile User Experience
  • Internal Linking and Broken Link Check
  • Sitemap Check and Schema Markup
  • Site Coding and Site Speed Check
  • SEO Content Optimization
  • Backlink Checkup

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Why Do I Need Audits?

Address Current Issues

If there are current holes in your content, social presence, or SEO, an audit is the best way to uncover those issues. We’ll look thoroughly at what’s performing well and address any big or small problems with your online presence.

Fix Past Problems

Had a less than stellar experience with a digital marketing company before? Don’t worry. We’ve basically seen it all at this point! We’ll use this time to take a look at any content, social, and SEO strategies they implemented and suggest solutions accordingly.

Plan For The Future

Whether you’re already killing it online or your presence needs some improvement, our audits are the perfect opportunity to strategize for the future! We provide a thorough list of recommendations at the end of every SEO, social, and content audit.

5 Star Rating

The number of leads has increased substantially and the in-house team is happy with the quality of Oozle Media’s work. Oozle Media met all needs, while their expertise and commitment made them a reliable partner.

Aveda Institute Boise &
Twin Falls

5 Star Rating

Beyond delivering a technical product, Oozle Media provided training that empowered the client to maintain the website. Their personable approach built a foundation of trust with the client and immersed them in the business’ goals and values. Customers can expect an energetic, passionate partner.

Admissions & Marketing,
Turn-About Ranch

5 Star Rating

Oozle provides effective digital marketing strategies that have helped consistently grow the business over the last decade. In addition to delivering results, they're also very easy to work with and responsive to client needs.

Burg Children’s Dentistry

Marketing Strategies
From Start to Finish

At Oozle Media, we don’t believe in doing things halfway. The audit process is just the first step in what could be an awesome holistic marketing campaign.

Once we know what’s working and what can be improved, it’s time to hit the ground running with innovative strategies in content, design, social media, PPC, and SEO. We don’t just give you an SEO person or a web developer, we provide all of that talent and more in one agency.

What are you waiting for? Claim your free audits from Oozle Media today! We can’t wait to get to know your business and help set you up for success in the future.

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