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This the fastest way to see lead flow for your school. Paid search is rising in popularity, and if you aren’t out there in the market, your competitors will take your place. Trust us, Google put us in their top 1% of PPC companies.

Website Design & Development

Your website is the sales person who is always working for you. Got leads? Not without a beautiful and efficient website. We’ve designed hundreds of successful websites. All of our sites are designed with basic conversion rate optimization in mind, and they are all ready to be optimized for SEO.


If you’re in the beauty school business for the long term, you’ll want to invest in SEO. Search engine optimization allows your business to be easily found online by search engines and users. This is one of our bread and butter services, and we’ve got proven results from schools across the nation.

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We believe in the long-term goal that search engine optimization can help you move toward. Invest in SEO, and you’re investing in the future of your company. SEO helps your website and name get in front of more eyes on Google and other search engines. This is one online marketing strategy that stretches across months or even years. We pride ourselves on our results. We don’t buy leads, fake leads, or overreport the leads we’ve earned. Be prepared for total transparency.

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We don’t just specialize in websites, SEO, and PPC. We do a lot more than that. Want to learn more? Check out our services and our case studies. You won’t be disappointed. Contact us today using the form above to get a quote.


"Recently had Oozle group completely rebuild our website and it was surprising how easy they made the process. Thanks Oozle Team for making something that could be so difficult happen so smoothly with such great results"

Jeff Sells

"They were great to work with. Great customer service."

Gina Kinion