Our Autocomplete Methodology

What automatically shows up when you type “Hillary Clinton a” or “Donald Trump a” into Google but you don’t click search? The curious online marketers at Oozle Media wanted to find out… using every letter of the alphabet.

Our Autocomplete Methodology

***Disclaimer: This tool is not a result of a scientific study, it is simply an aggregation of results from Google. Oozle Media remains politically neutral, allowing us to make fun of both candidates equally ;)***

The Search: In order to avoid pulling up personally/geographically biased data, we used an incognito tab on a browser with relatively clean search history. We also completed all the searches on the same day (October 3).

How We Searched: Internet searchers are weird, and we tried to simulate how a person would actually use Google. For example, with Hillary Clinton, we searched “Hillary Clinton a”, Hillary Clinton is a”, and “Hillary Clinton is an a”, then gathered the autocomplete results. We followed suit with each letter of the alphabet for both candidates.

The Results: What you see below are highlights of those searches- the most interesting of all the autocomplete’s from October 3.

Our Analysis: Below you’ll find interesting facts and comparisons pulled from the searches. Why are Clinton and Trump both compared to Hunger Games presidents? And why are people searching “Zodiac” with each candidate? This is by no means a complete analysis, but rather samples of what we found most interesting.

Hillary Clinton...

Hillary Clinton is awesome

Hillary Clinton is a sith lord

Hillary Clinton is a robot

Hillary Clinton is a democrat

Hillary Clinton is a boss

Hillary Clinton Age

Hillary Clinton Accomplishments

Hillary Clinton Ad

Hillary Clinton Approval rating

Donald Trump...

Donald Trump is awesome

Donald Trump is an actor

Donald Trump is an alpha male

Donald Trump is an oompa loompa

Donald Trump is an african dictator

Donald Trump is an aimless angry dictator

Interesting Takeaways