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An Unfortunate Problem Facing Today’s Online Content

A great example of poor web design? You be the judge.

Have you ever come across a website that was so ugly, so hideously designed, so disgustingly laid out, so grossly unattractive, that you literally gave thought to punching yourself in the face? Hopefully not, but unappealing websites do exist, they are out there. We’ve seen them.

Pease don’t fall victim to the online plague that is sweeping the globe. It’s not a virus, spam email, or anything unimportant like that, it’s Quality Underachieving Atrocious Content. QUAC is a serious problem that has threated the lives of too many online businesses. Good business that deserved nothing more than to live out full and happy lives.

Now that is QUAC.

How can a business contract QUAC?

QUAC can happen to even the best businesses if they’re not careful. Being reckless with your company’s content is like challenging a hobo to a footrace; it just doesn’t make sense. So what are some examples of devastating QUAC?

• Color clashing – When the colors of your website pull a Hugh Hefner and (Insert girl’s name here), they just don’t go together. Purple with Brown? Lime Green with Red? Seriously?
• Untidy pictures/images – This happens when the default background of a picture you’re using doesn’t match or fit the background of your website or webpage. It’s like trying to convince us that your taxidermy rat is a full-fledged member of the family. No.
• Too many visuals – When a website looks cluttered or overwhelming, your visitors will turn and run. This is one train wreck that people CAN seem to look away from.
• Phantom Videos – If you have a video on your website that runs automatically instead of allowing the visitor to operate at their leisure, you can bet a kidney they’re be turned off like thinking of Susan Boyle in the nude.
• Writing that doesn’t match the product/service/business – Please make sure that the content writing and pertinent information is in harmony. When they’re not in sync, your content will fall apart, like NSYNC.
• Inappropriate fonts – Everyone knows a socially awkward guy that says or does uncomfortable or inappropriate things in a public and professional setting. Fonts are the same way. If they aren’t clean and easy to read, DON’T USE THEM!

QUAC is scary, please tell me there’s still good content out there!

Of course there is! You can still find great content if you know where to look. Even better though, why not become a part of that great content that you seek? Being a part of this elite club is like getting the –finger-gun-point-and-wink from Tony Danza, it just feels good. Here are some examples:

• Don’t Over SEO – Using search engine optimization is great, but too much of a good thing is bad. Don’t saturate your site with too many keywords and mentions of SEO. Remember, a piece of peanut butter toast is good, but a peanut butter toast dipped in peanut butter and eaten with peanut butter gloves is bad.
• SEO Conversion – Appropriate tags, headlines, and linking will help Google to fall in love with your hard work. When Google reads over your site, and likes the proper use of the aforementioned SEO usage, you’re winning!
• Intelligent Writing – When people read the written content you’ve provided them on your site, it needs to make sense with your company, product, or service, right? If there is no synchronization between what is read from what is seen, you’ll receive an online punch to the neck, courtesy of Google.
• Visually Simple & Appealing – When it comes to web-based visual content, less is more. Don’t overwhelm your visitors with a bombardment of pictures, colors, and video. Like picking your nose, it’s a good habit to break.
o Visuals that Wear Multiple Hats – Picking visuals that can multitask and convey your ideas effectively works something like, every single time.
o Matching Color Schemes – Look! They match! Was that on purpose…? YES!
o Using Appropriate Fonts and Text Sizes – these work like chicken and waffles – at first it seems different, but the harmony is delicious.

Just take all the examples of how to contract QUAC and reverse them! When it’s all said and done, always remember to create content that you would want to read, look at, or watch. If it’s not something that would work on you, then why would you take the time to create it? Yeah, we don’t know either.

How can I make sure to avoid QUAC?

Choosing a professional and experienced content team makes all the difference. These content creators commit themselves to your online success and appeal like an 80 year old internet monk. Their dedication and attention to detail is all they know. So how do you find these masterful gurus?

Oozle Media!

The skilled staff at Oozle media is a leader when it comes to the success and popularity of your important business. They fight for your company’s online life – and win. There’s too much at stake when it comes to creating great content, let the content experts at Oozle Media help, and let some other schmuck fall prey to QUAC.

-Vince McCullam

Oozle Media Apr 11 2012

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