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How to Know When a Sales Person is Lying

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Travis Ashby, Oozle Media, President

When Oozle’s CEO, Scott Linford, noticed Pinocchio’s nose form on his partner’s shirt he knew he had to take a picture. They just happened to be pitching a new service to an existing client, and due to the bad rap associated with most sales people, it seemed funny.

Why burn bridges when you can build them?

Most sales reps use dishonesty as a tactic to get what they want, but this only works in the moment.  Once a consumer figures out they’ve been scammed, the opportunity for repeat business is destroyed and usually impossible to repair. We don’t understand this approach. Why burn bridges when you can build them?

Since sales are a big part of our business (and Travis and Scott were among the top salesmen for a Yellow Pages company for several years), we can’t stand to see an innocent bystander get finagled by a manipulative shyster.  So, we’ve put together some useful tips on how to become a successful sales person, and also how to spot a con artist a mile away.

How did we become so successful?

The biggest attribute to our success has been open communication.  We never try to make a hard sale and we rarely give a boring presentation.  Our motto has always been, “you talk, we listen.”  Our goal is to simply have a conversation with people, listen to their concerns, and showcase ways our services can benefit their business.

Since we’re excited about our services and confident in their ability to make true RIO, our minds are free to identify what our clients want and need in order to succeed.  The key here is to believe in what your company has to offer.   This has always worked to our advantage, and as a result we know we can almost always rely on an extraordinary level of repeat sales.

How to pinpoint a shady sales rep

We’ve come across many dishonest salesmen in our day and it can be tricky to know whether it’s right to make a crucial negotiation.  Experts around the globe agree that intent is almost impossible for the body to hide.  So, next time an overly desperate car salesman approaches you, and promises that pie in the sky, pay attention to their body language.  A dishonest sales person will usually:

  • act anxious (such as fidget or sweat);
  • provide inconsistent explanations, stories,etc;
  • come off as stiff and awkward;
  • avoid eye contact;
  • have delayed verbal and emotional responses;
  • have mismatched verbal and physical expressions;
  • go on the defense when responding to concerns;
  • provide ambiguous statements;
  • talk in circles when asked a direct question;
  • try and distract with excessive details;
  • often speak in muddled sentences;
  • talk too much and rarely listen;
  • manipulate expectations and relations.

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Oozle Media Apr 21 2011
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