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If you think it’s impossible to get 78,000+ “Likes” for your company Facebook page in six months, think again!  We just accomplished this for our client, Half Price Utah. Why are Facebook “Likes” important for businesses to acquire? What is Half Price Utah? How did we accomplish this seemingly impossible feat? What were the results?…

Social Media May 19 2011 Author: Oozle Media

Oozle Media

Most of us remember our high school days (or perhaps you’ve blocked it out with reason). For some, the memories consist of being smashed into lockers and wetting the bed.  For the luckier ones, high school was about cheerleaders, football, and being worshiped by everyone, including the principle. Years later, even after the acne has…

Internet marketing, Social Media May 17 2011 Author: Oozle Media

Oozle Media