Smarter PPC

Means Better Clicks for Less Money

Oozle Media is driven by building better PPC campaigns for our clients. PPC platforms are a dual-edged sword. If they’re set up correctly, ads on Google and Bing are great for driving real-time demand to your products and services, at the same time these platforms aren’t afraid to waste your budget on poorly structured campaigns. Oozle’s goal is to give as little of your money away as possible, while accomplishing your goals. So often we inherit and rebuild campaigns that are needlessly spending your money, and we firmly believe in putting that money back in your pocket.


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How we do it

  • Campaign’s built the right way from the beginning.
  • Technology to help optimize your bids.
  • Using Google Tools Effectively
  • Landing Pages Built to Convert.
  • Tracking Phone Calls down to the Keyword
  • Testing, Analyzing, Adjusting, Repeat.



How do we generate more leads?

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