Shooting from the hip?

Shotgun Approach? Hoping the mud will stick? Ask yourself: is this my approach to marketing? The good thing is that you're NOT ALONE! The bad thing is you DON'T want to be in this category.

Call Tracking: The smartest thing you can do to track performance.

How does it work?

There are limitless unique, trackable, toll-free phone numbers that you can delegate to any marketing campaign. From a single dashboard, these numbers provide you with the real-time data you need to optimize your campaigns and get better results.

Shooting from the hip just looks silly.

The phrase “shooting from the hip” means acting in haste – doing something without thinking beforehand. If you’re guilty of placing trackable numbers on advertising that don’t provide you with vital client information, then you’re shooting from the hip and looking like a fool (sorry – the truth hurts).

What kind of information are we talking about?

The type of information that allows you to outline progress, analyze staff performance, make sure that your customer service is top of the line quality, rate the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, and maintain the growth of your website!

With our proprietary analytics program, you can also access numbers via caller ID, learn how many calls are being missed or left on hold, maintain rights to phone lines so they can’t be turned off by advertising companies unexpectedly (see recent Yellow Page scandal), and track which keywords drove callers to your website with your SEO and PPC campaigns.

What makes our Call Tracking better than the rest?

Hey, we’re not trying to be cocky here! It’s just that most companies offer call tracking software that only allows you to track which ad generated which call. Talk about lame and ineffective! With Oozle call tracking, you know everything you need to in order to measure true ROI: who’s calling, why they’re calling, when they’re calling, where they’re calling from, how they found your number, what they’re calling about, and which source generated the call. GET OOZLED!